Batman, Robin and Catwoman in a supermarket


Characters: Batman, Robin and Catwoman

Batman is in a supermarket. He’s going to buy some chocolate when, suddenly, he sees Robin putting some boxes in a cupboard.

Batman: Oh, Robin! What are you doing here?? What are you doing with these chocolate boxes!?
Robin: Oh, shit! He caught me!
Batman: Are you working here? Why? Haven’t you got enough with superhero job?
Robin: NO! Because you don’t pay me well! I didn’t had enough money to go where I wanted!
Batman: you know that we’re in a big crisis! And you’ve been where you wanted to!
Robin: I know! But because I asked for a rending! And I am working here to pay it!
Batman: And where did you go at the end?
Robin: I went to New Zeland, and I met Bret and Jemaine, of Flight of the Conchords! They’re the best!! In a concert! A fucking great concert! And I’m not penitent! They sang "The distant future" and "Boom"!!
Batman: Only that? But what are you thinking about?
Robin: No! I went to Australia to visit kangaroos and koalas too. They’re better friends than you! They’re my BESTFRIENDS since you low me the salary!

Catwoman was buying some cat food when she heard they.

Catwoman: oh, Batman! Did you pay less to Robin? You’re a bastard!
Batman: Yes, what’s wrong? I ned that Money to pay MY holydays!
Catwoman: Where did you go?
Batman: I went to Ibiza! I stayed in a great five Stars hotel, and I went to every disco of the island. I tied with Sixty-four boys, two girls and a monkey! And I took part in a lot of amazing orgies! And I got drunk every night, I went to a lot of parties!
Robin: And that’s the reason? Did you spend all the money in alcoholic drinks and gigolos? Asshole! Then now I’m going with Catwoman! Fuck you! And where did you go, little kitty?
Catwoman: Oh! I made the bacalao route! I went to a lot of countries where fish is famous! I ate a lot...
Robin: Which countries?
Catwoman: mmm... In Japan I tasted fifty types of sashimi. I went to Canada, to eat salmon with the bears. I stayed in Anthartic with penguins, but now they hate me...
Robin: Why?
Catwoman: Because I don’t like the water, and I stole the penguins’ fishes.
Robin: Oh...
Catwoman: And... I went to London to eat fish and chips. A famous plate! I loved fish, but chips weren’t very well. And I stayed in Spain, in Galicia and Calpe. And other countries too, but I don’t remember the name...
Batman: Hi! I’m here, motherfuckers! Don’t ignore me! Robin, go with Catwoman if you want! I don’t need you! If there were two Robins before you, there can be another! a 4th Robin! Bad bye!

Batman goes very upset

Robin: Yes, go to shit, stupid bat! Let’s go, Catwoman! I leave this job, and I’ll pay the lending as well as I can.
Catwoman: Be quiet. I fix it, remember that I am thieve. And next year we’re going together back to the bacalao route!
Robin: Ok, but in London you put the fish and me the chips.

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_NeyS_ dijo...

jajaja!, es genial!
y eso del mono? xD
un 4 robin! No le será dificil encontrarlo, seguro que si se lo pide a alfred lo convence!!!

Mec dijo...

ya... ke alfred haga de robin?? eso molaria...

_NeyS_ dijo...

jajaja! aunque igual a batman no le gustan tan crecidos!!! xD
él los prefiere más jovenes!!

_NeyS_ dijo...
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